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This is an essay I wrote for the 'Personalities of the Twentieth Century" module of the HSC Modern History course. This is for the personality Albert Speer and in response to the question "People who are remembered by history are those who have pursued their goals with a single-minded purpose. To what extent does the
Assessment for personality studies, modern history 2017. Essays answering 'Explain three significant events in the rise to prominence of Albert Speer' and 'Chance rather than planning determines the roles of significant figures in history. To what extent is this statement accurate in relation to the individual you have studied?
An essay which explores Albert Speer's role in the Nazi state by answering "Assess Albert Speer's role in the Nazi war machine"
Speer was able to f... Similar Documents to Albert Speer - Historical Response (Part B). Albert Speer Essay. 3 Pages. Albert Speer Essay. This student studied: HSC - Year 12 - Modern History. In what ways did Speer want history to remember him? How did he set out to achieve this? How have other historians judged Speer
Be kind to me as I intend to write it" - Winston Churchill In what ways did Speer want history to remember him? How did he set out to achieve this? How have other historians judged Speer since 1945? The career of Albert Speer as an architect and Minister of Armaments during the Nazi regime is unquestionably one the
Albert Speer was born in Mannheim, Germany in 1905 into a wealthy, upper/middle-class family. Speer left school with high achieving results, desiring to pursue a career in mathematics but was expected to follow in his father's footsteps to take over the family business. In 1923, he studied at the institute of technology in
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To what extent is the statement “Speer was a product of his times” a correct assessment of the career and lifeof Albert Speer The statement that ... ... Description: HSC 2009 Sample essay, ... Thus this statement fails to address the role of Speer to influence his times more so than him being a mere “product of his times.
As you will be 'choosing a side' for your analysis and arguing for/against it, you need to develop a central argument which you are going to support with facts. For this example I will be using Albert Speer as the Personality studied as he is one of the most commonly studied Personalities for HSC Modern History. Screen Shot
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